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Chickweed dried herb for Cats 250g

Chickweed dried herb for Cats 250g


Chickweed is a European plant now known as a weed and is popular with most animals. It contains mucilage and therefore is excellent for supporting and maintaining healthy respiration and mucous membranes.  
Chickweed is soothing both internally and externally and is therefore a good choice of herb for skin irritations, especially itching.
Chickweed nutritionally supports;
  • Healthy coat and skin
  • Healthy liver and detox system
  • Healthy gastro intestinal system
  • Healthy digestion, nutritionally supporting healthy acid levels
  • Healthy structural system and joints
  • Healthy mucous membranes
  • Healthy respiratory system


Place a little of the dried herbs on a towel and allow your cat the option of smelling or rolling in the herb to release the aroma and properties. Cats are very intelligent and if they do not require the aroma and benefits they bring, they will not go near the herbs you place in their surroundings.

 Our products make no medicinal claims, they are intended to support the body towards natural health. 






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Turmeric Powder

We are pleased to announce that our current batch of turmeric is now 3.19% curcumin content.

To celebrate we are holding a sale.

We also now stock turmeric in 10 and 25kg sacks.

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Supporting Animals as Nature Intended

At Naturally Animals our products are of the highest quality and are 100% natural.  Our ingredients are pure and our products contain no fillers or preservatives.  Naturally Animals are facilitators of the countryside - just as nature intended.