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  1. Animals as Mirrors

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    Many of us are constantly working on self-development. It is really helpful when doing so to have a deep understanding of your true emotions, value systems and dreams. Often we as humans can say one thing and mean another. This can be for a variety of reasons, including not really understanding what we truly feel, or not wanting to hurt others feelings. However, when we say one thing and do another this can give misleading signals to those around us, including our animals.

    Animals are amazing at giving a true reflection of whether we are being really honest with ourselves and others. Animals don’t concentrate on the words we say, but on the true meaning and emotions behind our words and behaviours. This can provide us with invaluable information on areas of ourselves that we may want or need to work on.

    I have loads of animals myself, including horses, and am well aware that we can hide nothing from them emotionally! As an animal therapist, I often see close links between conditions that animals present with (physical, behavioural and emotional issues) and those that might be affecting tier ‘owners’.  For those of you that are lucky enough to have animals of any species in your lives, trying these simple exercises can really help you understand your subconscious thoughts, emotions, values and also how you may be subconsciously judging others and why:

    • How does your animal react when you walk into the room? Does this reflect how you think you are feeling?
    • How does your animal react when you are angry? What emotions does this provoke in you when you see this reaction?
    • Look at your animal playing, or if for example you have a dog, out on their favourite walk. What emotions do you feel when you watch them?
    • If you see an old or sick animal how this make does you feel?

    As animals have such sensitive energy fields they pick up our true emotions and often mirror them back to us. Taking an honest look in that mirror is so helpful and can really help to understand what energy you are giving off in certain situations – once you recognise it then you can decide which, if any, of your emotions and behaviours you would like to work on.

    Do try this and let me know your results!


    Catherine Edwards

  2. Both my horse and I suffer , for different reasons, from many medical conditions and find muscle fatigue, stiffness and joint pain very limiting.


    Thank you to Jane for your lovely feedback. We take great pride in ony sourcng the very best quality products so we kow you will be delighted with the results. 

    I first approached Naturally Animals trying to source echinacea and found them very helpful.  My horse is now off all synthetic supplements and solely maintained on herbs.  I have owned him since a yearling and have pretty much tried everything herbs bringing the most success.

     About four weeks ago It was suggested I try MSM for both me and my horse and I can safely say the results have been nothing short of amazing.  My horse is looser and happier than I have ever known him and I am in less pain and have much more energy.  I would recommend it to anyone.


  3. Although it makes complete sense to me that an animal will self-select herbs and oils to benefit its health, I was sceptical about the effect of Catherine's full consultation using iridology and red light treatment.

    I was unprepared for the transformation in my horse. After colic, she had been eating, but refused to graze for two weeks. Straight after treatment she plunged into the grass enthusiastically! 

    Tina & Pye

  4. At this time of year cats can be affected by fireworks and associated parties. It is really important to keep them in at these times, and you can help them to relax with these lovely calming, destressing herbs. We recommend that you sprinbkle piles of herbs (you don’t need a lot) on a tea towl and allow your cat to roll away to restress! Why not join them it works for humans too! Our favourite Fireworks stress cat kit conatins 50g of dried cat nip, 50 g of dried valerian and 5 mls of valerian essential oil – see