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  1. Complicated colic

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    Although it makes complete sense to me that an animal will self-select herbs and oils to benefit its health, I was sceptical about the effect of Catherine's full consultation using iridology and red light treatment.

    I was unprepared for the transformation in my horse. After colic, she had been eating, but refused to graze for two weeks. Straight after treatment she plunged into the grass enthusiastically! 

    Tina & Pye

  2. V-Calm Success

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your wondeful V calm product.  I received it yesterday and gave my horse it last night.  After a very sleepless night to my amazement I got to the yard this morning to find a relaxed and happy chap.  The stable was in tact (he has been slowly demolishing bits of it) and his bed was in tact (normally completely trashed).  He had also done three piles of droppings.  Normally there is just one if I am lucky and that is completely mashed into the bed.   I feel such a huge relief and am amazed at how chilled he was.  I gave him some more this morning in his feed which to my surprise again he ate - it has quite a strong smell and I wasn't sure he would eat it.  When I left the yard he was asleep in the field in a pile of hay.


  3. Customer Testimonial

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    Its great to get customer feedback.  Thankyou.

    munsey and catherineI have been fortunate enough to know Catherine Edwards and the amazing work she does with her red light treatment. This is inclusive of Iridology and oils/herbs from her self selection. I learn so much every time I see Catherine about my horse from the emotional to the scientific. I have had a few one red light photonic light treatment sessions and decided to do the three sessions in quick succession and the results are incredible! I have been long reining Munsey (my horse) for a year to stretch his back muscle and release some tension. With only 3 sessions of the red light treatment the results are incredible! With two red lights that have an even greater effect than just one it has quite honestly changed him! His back was tight and very painful to touch amongst other things. I am simply amazed at the difference with him, this due to the 3 sessions being so close together. I haven't seen anything work even half as well as this! So, for anyone with a horse that needs some healing or if you want to find out what the red light can do for humans, horses and dogs visit I could recommend Catherine more highly for her dedication. She returned a few weeks ago from giving red light treatment (with her oils) to elephants in Zambia!