Canine Case Studies

Intermittent Lameness and biting of back
This particular dog limped on his off fore and often bit his back as if in pain, in particular his near hind.  Often he refused to put weight on this leg. Natural plant extacts offered that was offered to him was particularly focused on pain, anti-inflammatories, plants to support the structural system and for allegies and the immune system.
What he selected was spirulina (allergies/support for run down animals), arnica macerated oil(pain/anti inflammatory), comfrey macerated oil (support for structural system), sandalwood (skin), german chamomile (allergies and anti inflammatory).  A gel was also made to apply on the areas he was biting and on his off fore.  The gel included oils for pain, anti-inflammatory properties, circulation, building of new nerve pathways.
The owner commented that the dog  was very much at peace and not pacing the house like he usually does at night.  He was much more relaxed and this continued post the treatment.  The biting did come back after a few weeks, but whenever it did, it improved again with use of the 3 oils and gel.
Dog with allergy related skin disorder
The owner called tosee if we could help with her dog.  The vet thought his skin problems were allergy related,  possibly due to silver birch trees.  His skin condition worsened when the leaves were on the trees.  He has been on continuous steroids and anti biotics because if he comes off them his skin breaks out in scabby sores.  Furthermore, some anti biotics he has been given have made him worse and gave him sickness and diarrohea.

On the first treatment he selected rosehips, spirulina and  beeswax indicating he required plant medication for his immune system, allergies and to act as a natural anti biotic. Between the first and second treatment he continued to select spirulina and beeswax but his coat was improving at a time when it normally deteriorated despite conventional medication. At the second  treatment he selected essential oils for specific anti histamine problems as well as spirulina and beeswax.  6 months on his  condition has almost cleared up but every now and again he still selects spirulina and beeswax to maintain his condition.