Cat Iridology

The science of canine and feline iridology is rapidly growing, and Catherine is leading this research in the UK.

As with equine iridology, canine and feline iridology can provide the owner with a wealth of knowledge regarding the animal's health, in particular the health of all the major organs in the body.

Today's modern feeding and worming regimes can place great stress on our animals, especially those with inherited weaknesses. By identifying any stress in the liver, kidneys, spleen etc early your animal can be supported before serious problems develop.

Structural problems can also be detected, although it must be noted that tendon and ligament problems will not normally be detected.

Distanceiridology assessments are available if a picture of sufficient quality for each eye can be provided, together with some basic information on the animal.

Alternatively we can visit to undertake and iridology consultation.

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