To book a consult with Catherine or enrol in one of our many in-person or online Courses, please go to The Catherine Edwards Academy Website.

Please do take a look and don't hesitate to ask if you need more information.   

Catherine specialises in:

Iridology for Horses

Iridology for Dogs

Zoopharmacognosy for all Animals 

Red Light therapy for all Animals

Animal Communication

Holistic Life Style Coaching

We are unique in being able to provide a truly holistic range of therapies, training and holistic natural products to support all species, we aim to make life easier for you.  

here are some examples of Catherine working with animals:

1. A typical horse consult:at

  2. Here is an example of Catherine mid consult with a Dog with OCD

In addition to the full range of in person and distant consults shown on she also offers telephone consults for a more in depth review of your animals needs. 

  During a telephone consultation Catherine advises on any health issues that are causing concern, and how these can be supported by a range of natural methods. These include advice on the use of organic herbs, plant extracts, essential oils, tonics, diet, nutrition and environmental enhancement, to ensure that the owner has a range of options to maintain a healthy animal. Information gathering is key to a successful consult to ensure that we are aware of all circumstances affecting your animal, so you will be asked to complete an animal consult form in advance of the telephone consult to ensure Catherine has all the relevant information to hand. The telephone consults are particularly useful for: People who are too far away for a personal visit. Follow on advice for those who have already seen Catherine, or advice for people on a limited budget. 

In the consultation we cover anything from: What are the right herbs and feeds for your animal; Environmental enhancements and improvements to prevent problems and improve welfare; How to cope with specific health, behaviour or environmental problems (such as pesticides spraying etc); How to shift negative emotions (for the animal and owner)

A phone consult is typically 30 - 60 mins but can be longer if needed. Cost is £40 per 30 mins. This includes preparation time. Customers will be asked to complete a consult form so that we can fully prepare for the call. All calls are recorded and after the session, the client is sent a copy of the recording with a short one page report with recommendations.

Skype or Zoom consults are available if preferred, although these are not recorded. 

Customers receive 10% off their first order of any products ordered  following a consult .

Click here for more information about horse consults, dog consults, cat consults and other animal consults.