Equine Case Studies


Although we have used Catherine’s herbs, oils and Manna Equine for 2 years now she came out to do a full consult on our horse who was struggling with box rest and we were struggling too. We had been through 4 months of stress at this point and the more his box rest went on the more we couldn’t even go in his stable to groom him as he was showing us, his owners, his anger and frustration. Catherine selected herbs and oils for him based on his own selection and he was so calm and well behaved throughout. It was lovely to just spend 2 hours being able to be around him! It has given us something positive to do when we come down to the yard too as we can spend time grooming him now and then doing the herbs and oils which he seems to love so helps to turn a very difficult situation into a more positive interaction.

Most importantly Catherine helped me at the session ( mum, groom, financier and all round worrier, as this is my 16 year old daughter’s horse). I really can’t thank her enough for the help, advice and ideas that will help support us through this tricky time . We WILL get him through this and I SO look forward to seeing them back riding together next year . Enough said ! Thank you Catherine. Xx

DF, Berkshire November 2017


I found Catherine while searching the internet for a possible natural solution to help one of our horses. Jack had often seemed 'cold backed' in the 8 months that we had owned him but showed signs of being very uncomfortable in January. I had his back x-rayed and then went ahead with nerve block to his back which he found very unpleasant. This gave a negative result so it was then recommended that he be scoped for gastric ulcers. I felt that ulcers could well be the problem but I couldn't bare to subject him to any more invasive tests. Iridology seemed a good solution. Meeting Catherine was a huge relief. Both of our horses had a consult. The iridology was so interesting and made complete sense. They both received red light therapy and had a great time self selecting herbs, followed by a session with essential oils. Catherine gave us loads of amazing advice about making some small changes which have made a huge difference. Three months later the boys have improved so much and love all the products from naturally animals.

Michelle Loveridge May 2017




“I would recommend Catherine & Naturally Animals to any animal owner due to the fact I did have a very poorly horse where normal vets treatment was just not working. Naturally Animals therapy does what it says on the tin and more. When you hear Catherine explaining how it works it makes such sense. Catherine first carried out an iridology assessment on my horse as his visible symptoms were he had lost his zest for life, not eating, tripping over a lot, loosing weight and coat and feet in horrible condition. Although the horse was 25 years old it was not an age related illness as he had always been a very fit and sprightly animal. Based on the knowledge of owning him since he was just 2 years old. Many of the problems had become apparent since he had started on cushing's treatment prescribed by the vet. It was great relief when Catherine was able to detect the problem (by listening to my horse).

By supporting his liver and digestive system, and by swapping (in a controlled and monitored fashion) the pharmaceutical cushings treatment for some natural herbs that he selected the change was amazing. It was also a relief at Catherine’s confidence on the course of natural support that would restore him back to health, where he could have his cushings managed and natural products to support his liver and digestive system recover. 6 months on he’s back to full condition, glossy coat, eating really well, he’s put on weight, clear eyes and back to his old self!”.

 Jo, Surrey

Horse eating Willow Bark
The reason x called Naturally Animals was that her horse had been eating the willow bark from the trees and also the nettles.  The owner understood this meant he was searching for something but was not sure what.  Furthermore, he had been ill over the summer and the vets were unsure as to the root cause of his issues; over the summer be began stumbling around the field as if he was drunk, would not eat.  The vet prescribed anti-biotics and pain killers.  He was also blood tested and found to be anaemic.  However recent blood test had shown that intervention had not improved his bloods.


In addition the owner had noticed a change in x’s temperament.  Iridology highlighted the main areas of imbalance were immune system, spleen and kidneys.  The mark in his spleen displayed an acute imbalance in this area.  Therefore a range of essential oils, powders and dried herbs were offered to x to allow him to rebalance his body. Rose Otto, linden blossom, rosehip shells(immune/kidneys/rich in iron), nettle (kidney/detox/rich in iron), dandelion root (liver/iron)  and echinacea (immune system) were amongst others selected.

The owner emailed the day after treatment: ‘Hiya, it was lovely of you to come yesterday, i found it very interesting, so thought i would give you an update. I fed him in the yard while i mucked out and again he laid down to roll !! he has not done that before but can you remember what he was eating when he did it yesterday ?


I also rode this morning and he was a lunatic !! back to his old self of 3 years ago, he trotted all the way, mostly sideways and ran off with me and bucked and bucked he he seems full of the joys, do you think the herbs would work that quickly, or is it a coincidence ?  Its lovely to have him lively again. Thank you'.
One week later ‘we are getting on well, i put 4 bowls out each morning to he can choose while i muck out, today he ate the rosehips again, so it varies from day to day. He is very lively at the moment, hoooooning around the field bucking so something has changed in him. I rode again tues and he is like the loony i first took on 3 years ago, but i would rather have a healthy loony than a poorly quiet man.’
Sally, Bedfordshire
Horse with colic
In November 2010, my 5 yrs old ex-racehorse who we have had since March,  was showing signs of discomfort, pain and being very lethargic. One evening around 9pm, his symptoms progressively worsened, lying down in the stable, groaning.    There were no immediate signs of colic, although obviously concerned,  I immediately called my vet. Whilst waiting for the vet I called Cathy, whom previously has provided excellent support for my other horses, and had provided a previous iridology assessment when he came to us earlier on in the year.
At a time when most horse owners panic, and often presume the worst, I listened to Cathy whilst sitting, resting my horse’s head on my knee.  I offered my horse Peppermint essentiial oil, to inhale, to help relieve any immediate pain, and placed a few drops in a separate bowl of water, so he had the choice to drink,  if he felt the need. He spent sometime inhaling the peppermint and then stood up in the stable. Whilst waiting for vet to arrive, Cathy communicated with him and she sensed discomfort around the spleen and the digestive ring. 
The vet arrived and  checked his temperature and pulse which were both normal, so we were unsure as to what was causing the problem. I decided to have a few blood tests, to check for liver, kidney and tapeworm to see whether there was any hidden abnormalities.
Whilst waiting for the results, Cathy provided another Iridology assessment, which indicated a white line around the digestive ring, possibly evidence of tape worm and acidicity in the digestive system, and also a possible viral infection. In addition the spleen was more stressed than in her previous visit suggesting he may be fighting a viral infection ( my horse had not been worked since arrival in March, only enjoying and understanding what horses do naturally, in the field  playing with other horses! Usually at 100miles an hour!) 
Whilst waiting for the blood analysis I wanted to help my horse,  Cathy suggested a course of James Hart’s  Defence and E-mmunity herbal tonics (Anti-viral & Immume support)  After a short period of time,  he showed huge signs of improvement, from being a dull, lethargic horse, to his sprightly old self, full of play and energy and no further signs of discomfort. Through Cathy’s knowledge and understanding of the needs of the horse, a combination of  James Hart’s Defence and E-mmunity tonics, and additional supportive herbs on a  daily basis, i.e. Milk thistle for Liver,  and Nettles and dandelion  for his kidneys and rosehips to support his spleen, his recovery was excelled.
On return of the blood tests, there no indication of Liver or kidney problem, a small presence of tapeworm but nothing abnormal.
Without Cathy’s patience, in-depth knowledge and passion, he would not be the horse he is today. Thanks to Cathy’s knowledge of Zoopharmacognsy, James Hart’s products, Iridology, and her ability communicate with animals, I was able to act accordingly, moving towards applying  preventative methods to aid in the speed of the recovery of my horse.
The owner contacted Naturally Animals upon a recommendation from the livery yard at which the horse was kept.  For a number of years now, the pony had suffered from what the vet diagnosed as seasonal headshaking.  During the months of April through to July, it suffered from headshaking and summer allergies,with the headshaking diappearing during the autumn and winter months.
As headshaking is a complex problem plant medication was offered for the immune system, detox (liver and kidneys), allergies, pain, repair and the nervous system. The plants chosen were rosehip shells, dandelion root, german chamomile essential oil, carrot seed and sea buckthorn.  This selelection pointed to the root causes in immune, liver, allergies and repair.
The owner contacted Naturally Animals 2 weeks later and confirmed that the headshaking had improved and that the pony was now being ridden without a nose net.  Furthermore, she loved her rosehips and dandelion root powder, although interest in the other oils had waned.
Client in Loughborough
Iridology, Communication & Zoopharmacognosy Combined
I would like to thank Catherine for all she has done for me and my horses, through a combination of communication, Iridology and Zoopharmacognosy treatments and have transformed my horses' way of going and attitude, not to mention picking up on problems even vets have missed; on some occasions before you have even met the horse! The accuracy of everything you have picked up on is not only unbelievably accurate, but touching. You have helped me solve many problems and changed the way I perceive my horses and their behaviour and I can't thank you enough. Lenny is even putting his nose in his head collar now, which considering it took us a full 24 hours to catch him at one point, is quite incredible! 

You have a wonderful gift.


Jess, Foremarks, 2011

Horse with low white blood cell count and immunity imbalance
Recently I was asked to look at a horse that had been under veterinary supervision.  Tests had come back showing low white blood cell count, liver function and bone marrow imbalances.  Conventional medication had balanced the liver but the white blood cell count remained low.  The vet had recommended that the horse be put on an Echincea supplement to boost the immune system. 
Upon assessment of the horse, he selected garlic and other immune boosting oils and was put on an intensive course of E-mmunty.  After a couple of days, the owner noticed an improvement in behaviour, being almost back to his normal self.  When the vet came back out to retest the white blood cells, they had improved form 3.5 to 5.9 (6 being normal) and was happy with his progress.
Customer in Leicestershire
Horse covered in lumps/allergy problem
When Catherine examined Oscillator he had been suffering from an allergy for over a month, with his whole body covered in lumps. He has been treated with strong doses of steroids and antihistamines, and although there had been some improvement whilst on the medication, the lumps returned as soon as the drugs ceased. In addition, he had been showing a lot of discomfort whilst being ridden.

Catherine identified significant toxicity in his digestive system, and thought the most likely cause was protein overload (diet related whilst in his racing yard). Catherine recommended blood cleansing herbs to detoxify his system. After less than two weeks all signs of the allergy had disappeared. In addition Catherine detected nerve damage, moderate muscle spasm through the withers, spleen, back and pelvis and a current injury to his mid back. A subsequent examination by the physiotherapist  diagnosed suspected kissing spines in his thoracic spine which (after being confirmed by X-ray) are now being treated.


I can recommend equine iridology as an excellent method to assess your horse’s health and to pinpoint the route causes of problems and what can be done to rectify them.


Mary Henley-Smith BHSII & BHS.SM , Yard Manager, Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre, West Sussex


Iridology testimonial
When Catherine examined Darcy he showed current injuries to his pelvis and  withers, with associated stress lines (indicating muscle spasm) from his pelvis through his back to his withers. The examination showed the seat of injury was in his pelvis. In addition, he showed a partially healed injury in his near side hind leg. He also showed an old injury to his right neck muscles. I was able to confirm that he had recently had an accident in his horsebox, and was undergoing treatment for a pelvic injury, and an injury to his nearside hind leg. Catherine’s findings were very accurate and backed up what my vet and chiropractor had found.
Jo O’Connor, Surrey
Horse for general health check
We had Jackson examined as Catherine was coming to see my other horse. We were not aware of any particular problems, but not knowing much about his history we were interested to see what Catherine would find. Catherine’s examination of Jackson showed a blockage in his liver and kidneys, some toxicity in his digestive system, markings through the right pelvis, left pelvis, a current and old injury in the right withers / shoulder are, significant muscle spasm through the neck muscles (compensating for the withers and pelvic injuries), mid back injury right side with associated muscle spasm. The results of Catherine’s analysis were subsequently backed up by my Vet Chiropractor. After treatment from the chiropractor, boiled nettle juice to help the kidneys, herbal bute and liver herbs Jackson is progressing very well and has a new lease of life! I would recommend an iridology assessment for all horses.
Jo O’Connor, Surrey
Horse for general health check
When Catherine examined Trooper I was impressed that she asked for no history except for his name and how long I had had him. She detected moderate Radii Solaris through both eyes (head region) indicating a worrier/ thinker temperament. In addition, very large Corpra Niagra (black shapes covering the top of the pupil) covering most of his pupil were detected, which Catherine explained would affect his vision and recommended an eye sight test. She explained that this may make him spooky, as he was likely to have restricted vision in his Right eye. This was spot on as he is a real worrier and can be very spooky! Catherine could tell that Trooper was not a ‘good doer’ (unusual in a Welsh Section D), as he had a weak digestive ring. Again, this was very accurate as I struggle to keep his weight on. She also detected strong inherited kidney weakness in the right eye, with associated tenderness over the kidneys on both sides. Catherine asked if he was nappy to girth (which he was) and offered a rangeof kidney herbs. I was amazed at the difference these made, within a week Trooper was completely happy to be girthed.

I would recommend that every horse owner has an annual iridology check to determine any developing health issues and to ensure that the feed and management regime is suiting your horses. It is quick, non invasive and yields excellent and immediate results.

Julie Hazlewood, Surrey

General Health Issues 

I was first introduced to Catherine by a friend who was raving on about her work, but I was very sceptical as I did not believe in this Iridology, how could anyone be able to read eyes and I had not even heard of Zoopharmacognosy, but being very nosy I had to meet and listen to Catherine. I was amazed at the details I heard. After a short conversation I booked all my four horses for a treatment.


I have four very different horses in types, sizes, characters and problems, but Catherine picked up on all of the main things I knew and informed me of a few more, which helped to explain many of the problems I could not put a reason for or symptoms to. (Even the vets had not picked up on them.)


The Iridology told me amazing insight to my horse’s problems. The Herbs and Oils from the Zoopharmacognosy have given me help and cures to problems, some of which have been long standing.


The self selection of oils and herbs is an amazing process to watch your horse being offered, and with four horses, I was really shown just how individual to each horse the selecting really is.

I now have four “completely different” horses that are all much happier and healthier since meeting Catherine.
Diane, Kent, 2011
Combination of Iridology, Self-Selection & Communication
 'Catherine Edwards is a God-send!  Since we first met, her skills of Equine iridology, herbalism, self-selection and animal communication have supported my four horses wonderfully through sickness and accidents.  When my 6 year-old Natural Heavyweight Cob had a serious accident, as soon as I found out I asked her to come immediately and treat him for shock and do the self-selection and iridology to aid his recovery and show me what had been damaged and whom else I needed to call in to help him ie a Chiropractor. 
All my horses came to me unwell suffering from bi-lateral lameness, servere malnutrition, severely depleted immune systems, broken winded and most recently the after effects of lung worm and a period of illness lasting nearly 5 months at his previous owners.  My vet has been very supportive of my choice of treatment for my horses which integrates well, where necessary, with modern medicine and he also knows Catherine.  My choice is always for natural first, modern as a last resort and so far and in conjunction with confirmation from the vet as to blood analysis and ex-rays etc, treatment-wise natural is all we have needed eg. James Hart tinctures, natural herbs and oils, other natural therapies and animal communication.
The truth is, the results speak for themselves.  Beau and Sarsha are wonderfully fit now; Merlin who suffered from the broken-wind, severely depeleted immune system and malnourishment in fact, dieing my vet said, is 90% physically and emotionally fit now after only 10 months, leaving us with the need for treatment from Catherine to continue strengthening him and, aid in his emotional healing regarding his past and humanity's treatment of such a sensitive, beautiful spirit which in effect, broke him and destroyed any trust he had in mankind.  Our latest addition Zeus, whom my vet believes had lung worm, a depleted immune system and severe structural issues, has put on lots of weight with more needed for a heaveyweight Cob and is getting stronger and stronger with each passing week so by Spring (a period of 8 months) he should be a new horse: strong, healthy, fit, happy with a shiny coat, fast growing mane and with his past an experience he has been able to move on from.
I also travel monthly and have left instructions that if any of my horses are involved in any sort of accident or are ill again, two calls are to be made instantly: one to my vet; one to Catherine because my horses physical, emotional and spiritual welfare are of paramount importance to me.  
Personally I believe animals, just as humans, need to be treated holistically as I'm a Natural Health Practioner myself, because ultmately this provides the deepest most permanent healing, which in the end, pays dividends. 
My horses are Catherine's best advert as to what her skills can achieve, sometimes, against all the odds.
Fi Dixon, Surrey Dec 2010