Natural Horse Therapies

Natural Horse Therapies

Here is an example of Catherine undertaking an Iridology, Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy and Nutritional Consult with a horse. (click on the link to view)

Naturally Animals provides a personalized approach to animal health and well being by using a range of techniques and therapies to suit individual needs. We provide natural therapies and organic herbs to support many areas of concern that you as an animal owner may have (emotional, behavioural, training or physical health). We ensure our solutions fit in with your life style and budget. Importantly we provide workable and realistic approaches for you and your horse to help nutritionally support and maintain health and well-being through looking at every aspect of your horses care and routine. We are the number one supplier of organic herbs for horses.

We are passionate about environmental enhancement for all species, and clearly understand the need to nutritionally maintain emotional and physical health - essential for any truly holistic therapist. We follow the principle of 'First, do no harm', and then use natures remedies to support the animals to re balance themselves through carefully selected horse herbs. 

Catherine aims to help you overcome your horse's issues or prevent these occurring, as well as providing the best quality products available to ensure that if additional support is required for your animal it is of a quality that will actually work! This prevents owners from wasting valuable resources on poor quality over the counter products that your animal may not require. As Applied Zoopharmacognocists we do not diagnose, but simply offer the plant extracts on the basis of the symptoms displayed by the animal and observe the animals reactions. We are trained to recognize distinct behavioral profiles exhibited by animals in response to plant secondary compounds and minerals. We also provide the owner with information on the properties of the plant extracts, and teach the owner how to work with the secondary compounds with their animal(s) for health maintenance. The addition of our other therapies - Iridology, Red Light Therapy and Animal Communication greatly enhance the information we are able to provide, to help you as the owner to make the right, informed management decisions for your animal. Most importantly we will give information that will ensure the owner understands why imbalances have occurred and what they can do to prevent these occurring again. 

During the Consultation

With our range of therapies and a wide range of herbs, we offer a unique opportunity to address and maintain your animals individual needs. A consult may involve Iridology, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy, Environmental Assessment and / or Animal Communication, as appropriate / required by the owner. A full environmental assessment and information gathering is key to a successful consult to ensure that we are aware of all circumstances affecting your animal. The owner will be required to sign a permission form allowing us to work with your animal. After the initial iridology examination, a range of appropriate secondary compounds will be offered to your animal allowing them to select those plant extracts needed to nutritionally maintain their individual health and well-being. Observations are noted with regards to their behaviour towards the plant extracts offered. Every animal is different depending on their constitution, environment, inherent weaknesses and preferences. A written report with recommendations will be provided at the end of the consult.

Whilst not a legal requirement to ask a vet's permission to hold an Applied Zoopharmacognosy or Iridology consult with your animal, owners will be advised that their vet should be informed both of the animals condition and of the consultation. This is a professional courtesy and also supports the owners duty of care and ensures that an animal will not miss out on any appropriate veterinary care. We abide by the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct at all times. Veterinary permission is required for a Red Light Therapy consult. 

Iridology is a painless, stress free examination and offers additional insight into what plants extracts may be self selected for ongoing nutritional health and well-being. Click here for more information on iridology in dogs & cats and click here for more information on equine iridology.

Another technique which may be used is Red Light Therapy, often used in combination with appropriate nutritional herbal support.

Ongoing support post-consultation may include using the plant extracts selected during the assessment and/or using a range of the highest quality organic herbs. The type of support package chosen depends on you and your lifestyle. We are very proud to work with James and Vanessa Hart, New Zealand's top animal herbalists, and are able to supply the best herbal tonics on the market for horses.

For those of you too far away for a personal consult, we also provide email and telephone help (01483 608322) regarding the use of plant extracts, herbal supplements and tonics, diet, nutrition and environmental enhancement, all core constituents to maintaining a healthy animal.

To summarise our services can include all or one of the following:

  • Providing and advising on top quality herbal products and herbal tonics through our website shop
  • Self-selection consultation using applied zoopharmacognosy (also known as animal aromatics) using our carefully selected range of herbs for horses
  • Equine Iridology
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Animal Communication
  • Environmental Enhancement advice