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By popular demand we have created a range of self selection kits and herbal blends for you to use with your animals. 

Animals in the wild have access to roam across vast areas of land. This allows them the opportunity to seek out different plants, essential oils, clay, algae and other natural remedies that they would seek to maintain health and to self-medicate on should they become ill.

Zoophramacognosy (commonly known as Self Selection) refers to the process by which animals self medicate through their innate abaility to recognise what medicinal plants they need.

Our DIY self selection kits are a great way to find out what your animals priorities are. The weights of the samples vary between 50-130g allowing your animal to try each herb. This  helps to make puchasing herbs much more cost effective as you can make sure which herbs they are specifically selecting before you buy!

Your animals needs will change throughout the seasons this is a great cost effective way to find out how their needs are changing.

We also specialise in the highest quality Feed Balancers / herbal blends / formala on the market. What makes our herbal blends different? 

  • Our Mixes are the perfect Feed Balancer for your horse or dog.

  •  Each herb is carefully selected for its nutritional & medicinal benefit - there are not cheap fillers!

  •  Each ingredient is present in a high enough quantity to actually make a difference! Many formulas either use too many ingredients (meaning that none are present in a concentration high enough to make a difference to your animal) or are bulked out with cheap fillers.

  •  Each ingredient is selected to ensure that it can do no harm! Not all herbs are safe to give on an ongoing basis. 

  •  Our mixes are based on what animals have been shown to select to support certain conditions - we ALWAYS listen to the animals - they are our most important formulators! 

We have also created some kits that help support common conditions, however we also specalise in creating bespoke mixes for our customers, so if what you are looking for is not here please do contact us for a quote or advice to meet your animals idividual needs! 

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