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Naturally Animals are passionate about the wider environmental impact of thier business. By using organic products, customers are not only ensuring that they are getting the best quality products for themselves and their animals (yes ALL our products can be used by you too!), but they are also ensuring that they are supporting the most ethical and environmentally sustainable methods available.

Our aim is to raise the standards of the current animal herb market, by ensuing our animals have access to the best quality organic products. This will ensure that you get the results you want for your animals - there is no point giving 'natural' products if those products are chemically contaminated!

Naturally Animals are very proud to be working in partnership with The Global Link Foundation & Global Link Trade. They specialise in growing and supplying organic herbs from Egypt, ethically sourced. All our organic herbs are straight from the field to you (no middle men). As such they are incredibly fresh and good quality,   ALL THE PRODUCTS LISTED BELOW WERE HARVESTED IN MAY / JUNE 2016  and we have full traceability from the growers, processors to us .

They are all Soil Association Organic Certified, apart from the Boswellia which is wild crafted.

The barley grass is dried below 40 degrees to maintain enzyme and nutritional quality – the only one on the market which is.

If you are interested in purchasing in bulk please contact us for a quotation. We also have various payment schedmes availble to support small companies who really want to make a difference.

The products we have are:

  • Chamomile – tea bag cut (available in 20kg sacks)
  • Chamomile – whole flowers (available in 10kg boxes)
  • Calendula whole flowers (available in 8kg boxes)
  • Spearmint (available in 25kg sacks)
  • Barley grass (available in 15 & 25 kg sacks)
  • Nettle leaf (awaiting new stock as sold out for bulk - next shipment due shortly)
  • Nettle leaf powder (available in 25 kg sacks)
  • Liquorice Root Powder (available in 25 kg sacks)
  • Boswellia Sacra Powder – Sudan wild crafted (available in 25 kg sacks)

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