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What leg should I wear my YOU StreamZ on?

We have not run clinical studies and therefore cannot confirm this other than through anecdotal reports, and using the theory behind the initial invention.
However, we recommend that the ankle bands are worn on the left ankle. This is due to our anatomy and how blood leaves the ‘left anterior descending artery’ as it leaves the heart; this is ‘highly oxygenated blood’ and is thought to be more reactive to StreamZ energy fields.  

I purchased an old type YOU StreamZ; what are the differences?

Don’t worry, the material inside all StreamZ products is the same. The original YOU band was developed by the inventor himself.

The current ankle band on has been designed by a ‘younger generation’ using more suitable fabrics to be designed for constant use. The original bands have been discontinued.

How big is the band?

The YOU band is 1.5″ wide – it is ‘one size fits all’. It’s not a ‘police tag’ as some people joke about, and remember, it is best worn at night when no one sees. Initial studies actually indicated that 1.5″ width was the optimum width for comfort. The YOU StreamZ ankle band is developed as a class 1 medical device; not a fashion device. Although we will look to evolve the product our philosophy is to create a product which provides results rather than a ‘fashion statement’. The product is worn on the ankle and is best worn whilst sleeping.

Can I wear the band on my wrist?

StreamZ have not been designed to wear on the wrist and may seem too bulky if worn there. The science behind StreamZ works
better on the ankle as there are faster flowing and more arteries in the ankle than in the wrist. Within the next phase of development, a wristband will be launched, to be worn in addition to the general YOU StreamZ band, specifically for those with inflammatory problems in their hands and as a solution to users who require the use of StreamZ throughout the day. 

Is the YOU StreamZ a Class 1 Registered Medical device?

Yes. The device is registered as a CE medical device under direction 93/42/EEC. This does not mean it is ‘clinically proven’. StreamZ is not (yet) clinically proven with use on humans, it is on animals. Our aim is to one day achieve clinical status, until that time the product remains a scientific theory unproven in science. 

Is the YOU StreamZ band waterproof?

Yes, although we would suggest carefully removing it in the shower or bath. The band is machine washable (once the material has been removed) on a 40° setting. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed band, you must ensure that the spine (ridge) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin). 

How long should I wear the YOU StreamZ for to see the effects?

If you can, try to wear it continuously for at least the first few weeks as you are most likely to then experience the speediest results. As a minimum, you should wear it for 8 hours a day for the first six weeks, and this, of course, could be overnight when our bodies are in ‘recovery mode’. Optimum effects should be experienced within 20 days, although effects on certain ailments have been found within a few hours. Many YOU StreamZ converts wear their bands all the time, and wouldn’t be without them! If you are wearing the ankle band for health reasons we’d strongly suggest wearing it for as long as possible. If you are wearing it for recovery after exercise then we’d suggest wearing it for 8 hours minimum after the exercise and when sleeping. (All StreamZ products work best when ‘in recovery mode’)  

Are references for particular ailments available?

We are working on collating lots of anecdotal support for a variety of health conditions where results are found. Personal information will not be disclosed for data protection purposes, although ‘real life’ references are available on our website and via social media. It is 2017 and we believe that if our product did not deliver on our claims most of the time, then we would not have achieved what we have already. We do not promise to help every person, medicines do not either. Our support team are here to advise and help with any queries you may have.  

What symptoms should be avoided when wearing a StreamZ ankle band?

Anyone with a heart condition must seek medical advice prior to wearing StreamZ technology. Likewise, our team are unable to give specific medical advice to any individual.

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