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How big are the DOG StreamZ collars?

There are currently 3 different sizes to cater for the majority of canine breeds. 3 Sizes: (S) 35cm, (M) 55cm, (L) 70cm. (circumference of dog’s neck).

These are supplied in the following widths:
(S) 4cm (M) 4.5cm (L) 4.5cm
Weight: (S) 70g, (M) 85g, (L) 105g
We currently do not have a collar suitable for ‘toy breeds’ although this is under development. You may find that the 35cm small size is too wide for your smaller breed of dog.
It is also worth stressing that the medium collars are 4.5cm wide and can be seen as “bulky” on some smaller breeds. The small collar in development will not contain a Velcro® sleeve but will be silicone only and not have a connection to a lead.

What is different to StreamZ and other magnetic dog collars?

Many people report relief for their dogs arthritic pain from wearing a traditional magnetic collar. These traditional magnetic products (such as Bio*low) are said to pulsate the muscle creating heat which helps increase blood flow. YOU StreamZ is not conventional magnetic therapy: rather, its patented technology helps rebalance compounds and minerals by interacting on a molecular level with the system. And unlike most magnetic collars, DOG StreamZ bands use a 360° continuous field of energy: this is crucial to effectiveness of the technology. The results of StreamZ speak for themselves, and we love to point out how many people contact us asking us this question; if the traditional magnetic collar was as good as our StreamZ smart-collars you wouldn’t be seeking a better product ????

Are the collars available as ‘hound collars’ or ‘harnesses’?

No, DOG StreamZ are smart-collars, a new design is being developed (similar to a flea collar) which will not contain material and will be 100% silicone.

Can the collars be attached to a lead?

Yes, there is a D-ring attachment which is carefully developed to avoid putting any pressure on the StreamZ material housed within the collar. We would advise against using this D-ring attachment on any dogs who pull heavily on a lead. (Like our boy Beano!) If your dog requires use of a harness, then the collar can be left on at the same time as the harness and should not have a lead attached to the d-ring.

Can the DOG StreamZ collar be used with other magnetic products (such as magnetic rugs and beds)?

No we advise against this. Traditional magnets work by creating a constant pulse; this pulse (the magnetic field) can damage the StreamZ energy field.
There are other products on the market which provide thermal regulation via jackets and rugs for dogs, which do not use magnetic technology. These can be worn alongside StreamZ and, in our opinion, compliment each other well. 

Can the smart collars be left on 24/7?

Yes, as with all StreamZ products the technology is ‘non-intrusive’ and can be left 24/7. We would advise against working dogs wearing a collar while active.

Do the DOG StreamZ smart collars have a name tag on them?

No, name tags are not included with a StreamZ collar.  

Are the DOG StreamZ collars waterproof?

Yes, they are made from neoprene and are stitched using ‘zig-zag’ stitching to ensure they maintain their strength even when wet. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed sleeve, you must ensure that the spine (ridge) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin).

Why does it say “they cannot be used on dogs with heart conditions”?

This is a regulation we abide to. Our team are unable to offer medical advice so the regulation states we should advise you to consult with your veterinary practitioner. This is a regulation deployed to traditional magnetic products but StreamZ is NOT a traditional magnet. Traditional magnets create a pulse which is thought to potentially interfere with heart conditions or vascular treatments. StreamZ does not pulse, it spins creating no pulse within the system. Many vets will not have heard of StreamZ technology, in that circumstance they should be told “DOG StreamZ are not traditional magnets, they are magnetic resonant therapy. They create no pulse.”  

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