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Where on each leg do I attach the EQU StreamZ bands?

The fetlock bands should be wrapped around the pastern or cannon bone, just below or above the fetlock (or hock). If turned out and on soft ground we advise the bands are fitted above the fetlock to avoid them being damaged, there is also slight movement in that area of the horse when mobile. If your horse is on box rest and/or stabled, and there lies a specific health issue, then we advise the bands are fitted below the fetlock as although this position is not as comfortable for the horse as placing above the fetlock joint the anatomy of the horse would indicate slightly better blood flow below the joint. Please pay attention to our warranty process by visiting our standard terms and conditions. It is vital to follow the care instructions on when to leave the bands on or take them off. 24/7 does NOT mean they can be left on all day, every day. 

What legs should the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands be placed on?

Each horse wears two bands, one on any two legs – results have been found to be the same with bands placed on both front or hind legs, or in any combination. We advise that the bands are placed closest to the issue, depending on the living conditions of the horse or if being used for no specific reason or injury then they should be placed on NEAR FORE and FAR HIND.

Why are there two bands in a box?

Each horse wears two bands. Each horse wears two bands, one on any two legs – results have been found to be improved when wearing two bands as opposed to one. Likewise, results have not been improved when using four bands on each horse! 

Can we keep the bands on 24/7?

That really depends. The technology is non intrusive (unlike traditional magnetic therapy) so the technology can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, that really depends on the ground conditions. As an example, a pair of new trainers can be worn 24/7; wear them for 5 days in a muddy field and see how long they’ll last. Common sense is required.
In soft ground, we advise against the bands being below the fetlock as they may be damaged (or even lost) in the mud. The bands should never be submerged in mud, so if turned-out in wet ground conditions then we would advise against leaving them on. One little trick our team uses to keep them on in wetter conditions is to use a few layers of vet-wrap over the top of the bands.  So, it all depends on where you are in the world and what the weather/ground is like. 

Can I continue to issue medication/supplements?

Yes. The use of prescribed medication for your horse should always be on the advice of your vet. EQU StreamZ bands can be used alongside medication and supplements, as the technology is 100% natural. 

Can the EQU bands be used in conjunction with other products/supplements/medicines?

Yes, more traditional magnetic products and will not be effected by their energy field. The EQU bands will also be suitable for use with other boots, wraps, bandages and so on. Please ensure, however, that magnetic products are NOT placed directly above StreamZ products; the magnetic pulse from the other product may damage the StreamZ energy field. 

Are the EQU fetlock bands waterproof?

Yes, they are made from neoprene and are stitched using ‘zig-zag’ stitching to ensure they maintain their strength even when wet. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed sleeve, you must ensure that the spine (ridge) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin). 

My bands have broken, what should I do?

If you have issues with your products our team will do everything they can to assist. Please note that the product does come with a warranty, but this excludes general wear-and-tear or ‘purpose of use’.

Please contact our support team if you have any issues. [email protected]

The Velcro on my bands no longer stick, what should I do?

Velcro® is no longer used by StreamZ (updated, 01/12/17) and is now a different version which is far stronger. All hook & loop fasteners require a level of care and maintenance and StreamZ are unable to provide a warranty to bands where the fastener is no longer “sticky”, however, we ask that you contact our support team who maybe able to help. It may be that you were supplied from a faulty batch. If it is deemed by StreamZ that the fastener is not sticking through a defect then the items may be replaced free-of-charge. We advise that every week the fastening is cleaned and the bands are washed. StreamZ will not take responsibility for bands where the fastening has not been cared for accordingly. Unfortunately replacement sleeves are not available as this creates issues from a counterfeit perspective. The fastener now used on StreamZ is the strongest on the market.

Protecting and caring for your StreamZ products will help maintain their strength and gripping power, plus extend the life of the product. This is especially true for apparel closures that are left exposed for extended periods of time, or that are subject to repeated machine washing and drying. We reiterate, if you do have a problem with your Velcro please get in touch with our support team.

Over time, the hook surface of the fastener can pick up lint and other debris that can affect its ability to grip the loop surface. Cleaning debris out of the hooks is similar to cleaning hairbrushes: using a stiff brush or another piece of hook are the best methods. It can take some doing – after all, the hooks in the tape are made to grab! The optimal solution is prevention: the hook portion should be covered at all times, so it does not grab onto anything it should not, such as grass. Always ensure the hook and loop fastening is attached correctly.

We recommend using citrus-based cleaner to remove any remaining adhesive. For thick adhesive you may need some elbow grease to get the residue off. We advise that you spot test any remover before using and always clean off the surface after using any cleaner. Our own team use a metal flea comb to clean the debris.

Are the EQU band machine washable?

Yes, on a 40 degree  or ‘hand wash’ setting. They can generally be washed with other tacks. When reapplying the StreamZ strip in the washed sleeve, you must ensure that the spine (ridges) faces away from the skin (smooth side facing the skin). 

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