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Humic & Fulvic acid are derived from soil that contains ancient seaweed, plants, vegetation and fruit trees that have been compressed over millions of years. The right combination of plant matter, minerals, pressure and temperature has created something that is highly effective in detoxing the body of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins while at the same time providing it with essential trace minerals that are lacking from normal soil, plants and any kind of food.

Minerals are essential for every aspect of health, like bone development, heart health, eye health, digestive health, mental health, and for working together with other nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes, making minerals responsible to carry out many chemical reactions and other functions of the body.

When something starts to breakdown in your body, it can almost always be associated with a mineral deficiency.

Why don’t we / our animals get enough minerals from food?

There are many reasons why we can’t get enough minerals from our food. The two biggest reasons are the onset of large scale commercial agriculture which uses soil depleting methods and agricultural chemicals, mostly fertilizers and pesticides.

100 years ago, farmers used to put rich compost back into the soil as fertilizers. They used to rotate crops and let fields rest and heal. But since our food production system has become so commercialized, it’s no longer possible for farmers to put back nutrients into the soil on such a large scale. It’s also not economically feasible.

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