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Cats are sensitive and intelligent animals who independently make up their own minds very quickly about what plants and herbs they will select and why.  In terms of how to offer our selection of herbs and oils , it is important to never force a plant extract onto a cat.  Cats lack a key enzyme in the body therefore they can not expel toxins as readily as other species. 


Therefore, if they are unable to self select herbs or oils for themselves and move away from the aroma if they do not want them, this could lead to a toxic build up in their body.It will also make them very unsure of trying other herbs and oils you may offer at a later date. Due to the sensitivities of offering essential oils to cats, this should only be done by (or under the supervision of) a trained aaplied zoopharmacognosy practitioner.


Nevertheless, if a cat selects a particular herb or oil, they are able to cope with that selection which will assist in maintaing health and well-being.


Our selection of products is beneficial to nutritionally support general health and well-being in a cat. In particular they will greatly improve a cat’s environment if it is an indoor cat.

We are also able to offer some real herbal treats for your cats – totally safe to offer all cats, and hours of fun for your beloved pets! Also extremely useful to settle for trips to vets etc!


The macerated oils in our cat selection of herbs mimic what a cat would find in the guts of the animals they would kill in the wild.  The macerates are taken orally and nutritionally benefit the body in a number of ways (please see individual oils for more information).


Our products make no medicinal claim, they are intended to support the body towards natural health.This combination of herbs nutritionally helps the body to support a healthy digestive system.




Place a little of the dried herbs on a towel and allow your cat the option of smelling or rolling in the herb to release the aroma and nutritional properties. Cats are very intelligent and if they do not require the aroma and nutritional benefits they bring, they will not go near the herbs you place in their surroundings.


Fore more information on how to work with all other products, please contact us or your local qualified applied zoopharmacognosy practitioner.


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