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Agrobs equine forage feed is 'An alpine meadow in a bag'Made at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps where the mineral rich soil and high rainfall provide perfect conditions to cultivate uncontaminated and organic rich meadows.

Agrobs maintain the highest standards of production under the strict guidelines as laid down by the Assocation of Natural Agriculture for Organic Land Management, whose close monitoring and inspection ensures the purity and safety of their forage feed.

Agrobs Equine Forage Feeds are nutritious, 100% natural and of the highest quality. The Pre Alpin range has a product to suit all horses and ponies, including treats and will tempt even the fussiest of feeders.

Agrobs never use chemicals or pesticides.

NO preservatives, additives, binders, fillers

No soya, alfalfa, cereals or molasses

Agrobs Pre Alpin products are very low in sugar and starch, ideal for laminitis, insulin resitance (EMS) and Cushings (PPID) horses.

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