Equine Iridology Diploma

It's All In The Eyes! New Equine Iridology Diploma

It's All In The Eyes!

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They say the eyes are the window to the soul - they really are! Due to popular demand Catherine is now be offering a fully certified Equine Iridology Diploma. Students can complete the course remotely, and to achieve the Diploma will be required to submit and pass a series of assignments and case studies. 

Catherine's experience as an Equine Iridologist has been cemented over nearly 10 years in Practice, having studied extensively in the field of animal and human iridology. The Diploma is backed by Catherine's extensive practical, scientific & intuitive knowledge, and is of an exceptional quality. Whether you are an animal owner who wants to have the knowledge to manage your animals health more proactively, or an existing therapist who wants to add an additional discipline to their toolkit, this is the course for you. Please contact Catherine on sales@naturallyanimals.co.uk to register your interest.