Photonic Red Light Therapy

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Natually Animals are pleased to now be an authorised distributor for all photonic health lights & resources.

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Now available via Catherine - 100% safe for pain free living for you and your animals.

A medical quality Super Luminous LED that utilises a broad-band single wavelength of 660 namometers. Non-thermogenic (does not produce heat), non-invasive and side-effect free. Photonic Light Therpay works on virtually any injury by:

  • Bio-stimulation (accelerating the wound healing process)
  • Relaxing muscles & fascia
  • Anti-viral
  • Regulating acupoints

Efficient, easy & effective! 100% safe.

How does it Compliment Naturally Animals Therapy Work?

Can be used on acupressure points (and on point source of injury / pain).

TheRed Light balances the acupressure points, balancing the body from outside to inside (known as a Yang treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)). The use of herbs / self-selection compliments the balancing of acupressure points, by balancing the body / meridian system from the inside out - known as a YIN activity in TCM.

We are highly trained in combining Red Light therapy with self-selction of essentai oils - this unique combination, using two extremely powerful ways of energetic working with your animal - can yeild amazing results for many conditions in a totaly safe and non-invasive manner. As with all complementary therapists, we work with the veterinary surgeons act which requires the vet to be aware of our presence.

What is It?

  • Therapeutic Red Light
  • Red is utilized:
  • Provides the maximum tissue penetration of any color
  • Healthy cells vibrate at about 660 nanometers
  • The wavelength of this device is at 660 nanometers, replicating the same vibration (wave) as a healthy cell
  • It is a Non-thermogenic device (Creates very little heat)

How does It Work?

  • Accelerates Healing Process (bio-stimulation)
  • Allows cells to accept nutrients faster and get rid of waste products faster
  • Increases Vascularity (circulation) by increasing the formation of new capillaries, additional blood vessels that replace damaged ones. An increase in vasculature means more oxygen and nutrients to aid in healing, and more efficient removal of waste products
  • Stimulates Collagen production: Collagen is the most common protein found in the body. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and replace aging tissue. It is the substance that holds cells together and has a high degree of elasticity. With an increase of collagen production, there is a lower risk of scar tissue development
  • Reduces the Excitability of Nerve Tissue thereby relieving pain
  • Stimulate Fibroblast activity which aids in the repair process.
  • Increase phagocytosis - an important part of the infection fighting process. Destruction of the infection and clean up must occur before the healing process can take place.
  • Increases Lymphatic System Activity , which, in conjunction with increased circulation reduces swellings significantly faster.

Relaxes Muscles Hence can help with

  • Colic
  • muscle spasms
  • muscle cramp
  • shortened stide

Just few examples.

  • Stimulates
  • Acupoints
  • No risk of infection
  • Can be used on acute / inflamed areas
  • Minimal training, achieve excellent results
  • Great for needle-shy creatures
  • Can be within 1â€Â of the point to stimulate
  • Opens blocked, congested Meridians

Examples include:

Low Intensity light therapy is an Effective Treatment for Recurrent Herpes Simple Infection. Results from Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study. Andreas Schindl and Reinhard Neuman, Journal of Invetigative dermatology, 1999.

Also used effectively on

  • West Nile Virus
  • Eastern Encephalitis
  • EHV-1

Increases Serotonin Production, which has a positive effect on Platelets on the blood.


  • 100% Safe to use
  • Top quality units
  • Works on horses, dogs, cats, parrots, sheep, cows.... basically all pets and livestock and humans!.
  • Reduces recovery times, saves on medical expenses, and increases performance.
  • Another superior tool in your horsemanship toolbox.