I would recommend Catherine & Naturally Animals to any animal owner due to the fact I did have a very poorly horse where normal vets treatment was just not working. 

Naturally Animals therapy does what it says on the tin and more. When you hear Catherine explaining how it works it makes such sense. Catherine first carried out an iridology assessment on my horse as his visible symptoms were he had lost his zest for life, not eating, tripping over a lot, loosing weight and coat and feet in horrible condition. Although the horse was 25 years old it was not an age related illness as he had always been a very fit and sprightly animal. Based on the knowledge of owning him since he was just 2 years old. Many of the problems had become apparent since he had started on cushing's treatment prescribed by the vet. It was great relief when Catherine was able to detect the problem (by listening to my horse). By supporting his liver and digestive system, and by swapping (in a controlled and monitored fashion) the pharmaceutical cushings treatment for some natural herbs that he selected the change was amazing. 

It was also a relief at Catherine’s confidence on the course of natural support that would restore him back to health, where he could have his cushings managed and natural products to support his liver and digestive system recover. 6 months on he’s back to full condition, glossy coat, eating really well, he’s put on weight, clear eyes and back to his old self!”. 

Joanna Butler,  Surrey

Without Catherine and the amazing team at Naturally Animals my beautiful pony friend Babe would not be alive today. Babe is a New Forest pony who had been conservation grazing for most of her life when she was struck suddenly with an abscess in her foot. Unfortunate consequences of vet and farrier treatments took us on a dreadful roller coaster ride of abscesses and laminitis. The charity who owned her felt her needs were beyond hope, and that euthanasia would be the only option. Babe and I knew it was not her time and I spoke to a wonderful equine-understanding friend of mine who recommended contacting Catherine and Naturally Animals. With their incredible support we came up with a plan - I became Babe's new guardian, she went to stay with my friend for a period of rehab, and Catherine and the team provided us with the invaluable advice and herbs which have enabled Babe to make an unimaginable recovery. I was terrified but they reassured me; we took the leap, and they were so very right. It's all working out. Babe's recovery is almost complete, and we are over the moon to be looking at a wonderful new home for her for after her rehab.

I am forever grateful to Catherine and everyone at Naturally Animals, not only for herbs, remedies and expert advice, but for genuine kindness, hope and counselling through such a distressing and difficult time, and most importantly for saving our gorgeous, gentle-souled Babe. You are an inspiration, and quite honestly you've opened my mind. When I think of how you've helped us it moves me to tears. Thank you so much. X

From Jo Watson & Sam July 16:

I have been lucky to know Catherine for a number of years and have witnessed her working not only on my horse Sammy but on other horses within the same yard. She has the most amazing, calm approach with the horses and I know this is certainly something Sammy picked up on immediately. Catherine has been to visit us a number of times for various reason and I have always learnt such a lot from her sessions, whether it be the red light therapy, iridology, herbs or oils. The herbs sold by Naturally Animals are an amazing quality and they have prove very popular not just with me but a number of other liveries. During one winter Sammy had a very severe case of nephrosplenic entrapment colic. Catherine happened to be passing the yard having been aware of the situation and very kindly did an impromptu red light session on the colic points. He made an amazing recovery and I think the red light made a huge difference. More recently when Sam developed an unknown lump, Catherine really helped to turn things around, not just for Sammy and his care but also how I was reacting to such news. Once a clear diagnosis had been established, my first port of call was Naturally Animals. Catherine, went over and above to put me in contact with another client who had experienced the same cancer with her horse. In turn I was able to forage a link with an amazing vet who was able to help him. I am so very grateful for all of Catherine's time and advice over the years as I truly believe the outcome for Sammy would have been different. 

Sherie Vicary-Carter July 16

I just wanted to say thank you for your knowledge and support of my dogs. Although Twist gets the main benefit I have had these 2 dogs on Swagger for the past 3 months and this weekend they out performed themselves coming 1st and 2nd in a major dog agility final for my daughter. A 3 year old terrier x with a slight luxating patella and a 10.5 year old girlie who has worked hard all her life and been on 6 international teams and will now happily be retired. ☺ Could not have kept them both going without your help x  

From Tina & Pye June 2016

"Although it makes complete sense to me that an animal will self-select herbs and oils to benefit its health, I was sceptical about the effect of Catherine's full consultation using iridology and red light treatment.I was unprepared for the transformation in my horse. After colic, she had been eating, but refused to graze for two weeks. Straight after treatment she plunged into the grass enthusiastically!"