Natural Health for Dogs - Introduction to Zoopharmacognosy - Online Course


Learn how to Offer Natural Remedies and Essential Oils to your Dog for Self-Selection

 Do you love your dog?

We certainly love dogs, and when we saw how massively they improved from being able to self-select natural remedies & essential oils, we decided to do everything we can to get this precious knowledge out to as many people as possible. This is why we started to film our courses and turn them into online courses - accessible from everywhere at any time!

Dogs can massively benefit from working with essential oils & natural remedies, when the owner / caretaker knows how to offer them.From anxiety, stress and aggression to arthritis, all sorts of pain or digestive issues, EVERY dog can benefit from what you learn in this course!

Who is this Course for?

- All dog owners - learn how to keep your dog emotionally and physically in balance

- People who work with dogs / Rescue Centers / Dog behaviorists - this can be the missing link to resolving behavioral & physical problems in a non-invasive & safe manner

- Existing therapists wanting to add an extra dimension to their services


- over 3 hours of engaging videos, presentations & talk throughs- Interactive demos

- PDF download for easy reference

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is the process of enabling animals to self-medicate on natural products (including herbs and essential oils).Animals innately know which remedies they require to bring their mind and body back into balance. Captive animals are not able to seek out the natural remedies they would find in the wild, so this process enables us to bring nature to the animal; it gives the animal control over their own healing and nutrition as they would have had in the wild. It is a very bonding experience for animal and carer. During this course, Catherine offers a selection of the natural remedies for their physical, emotional or behavioural needs and teaches the owner how to read their animal’s responses so that they can continue to work with their animal towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.You'll learn how to give your dog a choice to select natural remedies and you'll be able to watch two demo dogs doing a self-selection. You'll see the dogs reactions and learn how to read the responses of your own dog, while learning about the main remedies to offer at home.

Watch the Video to find out more: